VRIESEA - plant generic
  • VRIESEA - plant generic
  • VRIESEA - plant generic
  • VRIESEA - plant generic

VRIESEA - info

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It is preferable to use rain water for watering.

Give a little water into the central rosette of the plant as the temperature in our homes is not as high as in the natural environment, and the evaporation is low.

Change the water inside the washer every 20 days to remove any salts, plant debris, or anything that could damage the plant.


In the rosette, which collects water from rain, but also dust in the soil organic fragments and remains of small insects, decomposing to form a fertilizer that is absorbed by the plant regularly, and also are the ideal habitat associations, and details of plants and insects.

Data sheet

A lot of light. No direct sun.
Recommended temperature
Greater than 15 °C
See the notes below in detail.
Season of Availability on the market - in Bloom with forced cultivation
Throughout the year
Comes from the botanical Dutch W. H. de Vriese (XIX century).
South America