GERBERA - flower
  • GERBERA - flower


To find the variety available and compositional inspiration:

The current variety of gerbera are native to South Africa.

Growing up in the region of the Transvaal and in the Cape Province.

They walked their way from South Africa to the United Kingdom in 1887.

Following the cultivation of gerbera is moved to the Côte d'azur, and then from 1950 in the Netherlands have guided the production.

The large flower Gerbera Wine is the most ancient currently on sale at the Dutch auctions.

Today there are 500 varieties of Gerbera, of which about a quarter is cultivated on a commercial scale.


Data sheet

The flower was described by Gronovius and named after his friend German botanist, Traugott Gerber, who were both friends of Linnaeus.
Africa, Asia, And South America
Asteraceae (Compositae)

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