A florist in Vicenza of artisans, poets, workers, sculptors ..

we work flowers, wood, stones, we develop plants, we shape futuristic and artificial flowers;

with flowers we send for you messages thoughts feelings emotions, being unique and being shared;

with our plants your office and home are more vital and pleasant.


Where we deliver ..

-VICENZA and neighboring municipalities (home delivery even during the day)

-ITALY and in the WORLD (with courier 24_36 hours or Interflora and we choose the best for you)

Insegna Tavolo lavoro Esposizione

"Bright, while looking for a way, I find myself under the wisteria flowers" - Matsuo Basho 1644/1694

  • Day delivery

    Day delivery

    We deliver these products on the same day of the order. Check in the "product Details" that...

  • Flashes of Summer

    Flashes of Summer

    The summer flowers lead to the highest forces of nature. The colors are intense and shining...

  • Roses


    The pink fascinates more than any other flower. The rose is a perfect flower for every...

  • Classic bouquets

    Classic bouquets

    Bouquets and bouquets suitable for any occasion. Decks that are the expression of the...

  • Condolences


    The flowers for a mourning accompany the deceased. Comfort the relatives in their grief and...

  • Deliverable in all over Italy and in the World

    Deliverable in all over Italy and in the World

    Fiorame is a shop the official INTERFLORA: the organization most quoted of floral shipping...

  • Decks for all seasons

    Decks for all seasons

    When we create a bouquet of flowers (bouquet) we ask these questions. What emotions inspire:...

  • Centerpieces


    Decorate the table with flowers has very distant roots in time. Their meanings are...

  • Vegetables and Fruit

    Vegetables and Fruit

    The fruit is the natural evolution of the flower, and its fulfilment. Not all the flowers to...

  • Degree


    The degree represents the attainment of spiritual maturity. The degree certifies the...

  • The birth and the annunciation

    The birth and the annunciation

    The arrival of a new life is one of the most beautiful moments that we can know. Or even the...

  • Retrò Style

    Retrò Style

    Use flowers that are reminiscent of the great-grandparents. You make compositions the way...

  • Marriage


    Always the rite of marriage is accompanied by the flowers. What do you want to express your...

  • Compositions medium sized

    Compositions medium sized

    The term composition refers to the flowers or green contained in a case. They have the...

  • Decorating Large Spaces

    Decorating Large Spaces

    It can be a concert, an inauguration, a theatre, an exhibition hall, a warehouse, a...

  • Flowering Plants

    Flowering Plants

    Not all plants bear flowers. Only some of these follow the "over" on the leaves. Go to the...

  • Green Plants

    Green Plants

    All plants purify the air. The first list of plants that purify the air' was compiled by...

  • Small Gardens inside and out

    Small Gardens inside and out

    INSIDE Enjoy the nature in the home.. Decorate with potted plants.. The office and Work next...

  • Flashes according to the Season

    Flashes according to the Season

    Each season brings its flowers, its green, its fruits. To find the meaning of the season...

  • Vases and accessories

    Vases and accessories

    In addition to flowers and plants, sometimes you looking for something to accompany them,...

  • Please select a Color

    Please select a Color

    The instinct that leads us to associate the colors to the ideas and feelings. The Color has...

  • Florigrafia - Meaning of flowers

    Florigrafia - Meaning of flowers

    The Language of Flowers, or Florigrafia, or Hanakotoba, and returned to be used above all...