WE ARE NOT A LEADING COMPANY in Italy or in the world, WE are CRAFTSMEN and we boast.

WE ARE NOT THE FLORIST FOR YOU IF it WAS enough to write: we are a leading company, etc, etc,

We DON'T WRITE PRICES "ALL INCLUSIVE" so you never know what the flowers are, as the fees, since delivery: we write clear.

WE ARE NOT STANDARDIZED and therefore our efficiency, quality and culture flower is only our. If you are looking for uniformity you must speak elsewhere.

WE ARE NOT TECHNOLOGY, because a machine does not create floral arrangements.

WE ARE NOT SCHEMATIC because the technology does not govern us, but we use the technology.

WE ARE NOT A BIG NETWORK, where you never know who you can talk to.

WE ARE NOT OF THE INVENTIONS with photos invented but what you see we are and you can contact and speak to us.

WE MAY NOT ALWAYS BE PRESENT, because we are unique so you are unique, and how you can not be present 24/7, so neither do we.


Who We Are!

  1. We are CRAFTSMEN and we boast
  2. Looking at the flower in the vase, impermanence. The strength of bloom .. bear fruit .. mature .. fall .. be born .. (Anonymous)
  3. Fiorame is a florist in Vicenza, which offers the best value on the market between "QUALITY, Quantity, Price, delivery send flowers at home





Composer of novelty, floral, coordinator of large events, and the creator of environments, ceo.

Skialper in the winter, mountain bikers in the summer, thinker by analogy, and tango dancer.

I'M NOT a botanist, not an engineer.
There are far too CREATIVE was born in 1960.
As a boy I played classical and jazz flute and saxophone, and with slr camera manual I went to the sunrise
in Venice to capture moments in and around the road to FIX unrepeatable IMAGES.
The desire of a creative work in which I could immerse myself completely I did meet the floral art.
In 1988, with Gildanna from nothing and with nothing I opened our first store outside of Vicenza, called the "Workshop of the Flowers".
Here, I've learned to listen to the customer so that THE DECKS THAT I CREATED BECAME the MESSENGERS, and
they communicated their desires and passions: AND THE WONDER IS THAT THE MESSAGES FLORAL ARRIVE.
I have toured Italy as a teacher of floral art to teach florists.
When I started Fiorame with the desire to be rather than to have made me grow still.
Then THE CUSTOMERS, OUR GREAT SUPPORTERS, have begun to rely on large jobs,
more and more big, huge fear, but the "vision" that I have for the floral decorations has always helped me to give the best.





A buyer and a composer and a floral, inventor of the flags floral fluttering to children.

Cook creative, ski climber and camminatrice, when possible the cinema and the theatre, and tango dancer.

ARE NOT a Project manager, not a Ceo.
Are you a FLORIST and are determined.
I was born in the month of the roses, 1963.
I grew up in aristrocratico world farmer harvesting violets for meadows and embankments, and DRIVING TRACTORS.
During childhood I was accompanying a great-great-aunt to pick up herbs for risotto and chamomile teas.
Then the desire to EXPRESS TO the PEOPLE their emotions with the flowers made me open with Antonio
the first florist: adventure successful implementation, but I wanted to go over.
With Fiorame I WANT TO MEET the quality of the citizen with the quality of my peasant world.
And even today, THIS TRADE GENERATES customers and friends.
Many and many flowers I've made, but still today weave vittore with the spirit from the girl in the shop, my house or
at a friend's house.
People tell me THE MESSAGE they WANT to CONVEY and turn into a bunch of flowers.
Every day I feel the joy of meeting the desires and hopes of the clients and deliver them with my work
in the floral compositions.




"Florario. Myths, legends and symbols of plants and flowers" by Alfredo Cattabiani from the Introduction

"When the fountains are dry, writes Ernst Jùnger, you go to draw water from the river;
that is, they silence the ringing nihilistic a reason that, after having evoked the nightmares and monsters only manages to reflect narcisisticamente its mechanisms;
and you begin to contemplate the plants, animals, minerals, stars, waters, in order to regain a sense of reality in its various dimensions.
A doctor in Bismarck told me that his patient, exhausted by excessive nervous tension due to the commitments of the government, advised as a therapy to lie down for half an hour a day under an oak tree.
Each plant, each flower, with the shape, the structure and colors, weaves a speech alluding that everyone can understand it if we will be silent in the buzz inconsistent of those who exchange the news with the ephemeral chronicle;
Anyone who has not been spiritually completely anesthetized, placed in a forest, or a meadow in spring, or simply in a vegetable garden, advise, unconsciously, perhaps, with a bit of restlessness, of being penetrated in a dimension different from that of every day.
You may perhaps evoke from the trees, from the flowers, even vegetables, a series of symbols that are not only images but that they also incorporate in themselves the reality symbolized, becoming sources of spiritual energy, as he had to explain Pavel Florensky in his essay on the icons.
In flowers contemplates the Beauty reflected in the cosmos, but also the impermanence of the manifested, in the grass, the earthy presence of the Great Mother, responsible for the fruitfulness and fertility.
Contemplating a tree to take the image of the cosmos because it brings fruits, and periodically regenerates itself: it is, therefore, a microcosm, as evidenced by the ash tree Yggdrasill, whose branches overhang the sky and the roots reaching to the underworld."