Zen and Maintenance of flowers



-No need to untie our decks.

-Put in the water the flowers as soon as possible.

-Use a clean vase filled with water up to the point of ligation.

-Add the appropriate nourishment for the cut flowers: we attach to our decks!

-Every 2 days renews of the cutting of the stem of the flower at a slant 1 cm, possibly with a sharp knife, and avoid using the scissors (if they are not from ikebana), that crush the channels.

-Remove any leaves that will be below the water level.

-Do not scrape never the skin from the stalks, because this could cause more bacterial growth.

-Flower pots should not be exposed to air currents or the sun, to avoid dehydration.

-If you have not added the proper nutriment, change the water every 1-2 days, avoiding that it becomes murky.


Compositions in container

-Add water in the container.

-Method 1 (composition small):

-ponila under the faucet of the water;

-add water until it is overflowing;

-tilt the composition to squeeze out the excess water.

-Method 2 (composition medium, or large):

-stands up, slightly green, or the flowers and you will find, between the container and the sponge to the flowers, to the spaces left empty;

-with a watering can or a bottle and pours them into the water.

-Check frequently the water level to keep it high.





Looking at the flower in the vase, impermanence.

The strength of bloom .. bear fruit .. mature .. to fall .. to be born




while seeking the way,

I find myself under the flowers of wisteria

(Matsuo Basho 1644-1694)