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Do you think that "you gave to the girls who had suffered a serious disappointment in love, because love is resumed; but he was also advised to men depressed or afflicted by some sorrow."

(taken from the book of Alfredo Cattabiani "Florario - myths, legends and symbols of plants and flowers". It is a book to buy read consult ! )



As the marjoram, so the oregano (Origanum vulgare) belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and the genus Origanum has many properties in common with it.

Its name derives from the Greek origanos, composed of óros, mountain, and gànos, splendor: "the splendour of the mountains" because in the wild it is a plant that prospers mainly in the higher areas.

For the intense and special love for the uncultivated places, conjured to Gabriele d'annunzio, together with the mint, a nymph:

At noon, scopersi among the reeds
of Motrone argiglioso the harsh nymph
nericiglia, sister of the Syringe;

I had him on my knees, silvano;
and in its saliva amarulenta
assaporai the orìgano and mint.

For by to the roar of our ardenza
we heard crepitar above the reeds
August rain as warm as blood.46

It is nicknamed and Herb, anchovy or Acciughero, being used to flavor the dough of anchovy.

It is a plant used in perfumery for the production of essences.

It was very much appreciated since ancient times - as evidenced by Dioscorides, Columella and Pliny - the therapeutic qualities of the flowering tops and leaves, which contain thymol, carvacrol, terpinene, tannins and bitter substances.

It is analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant, parasiticidal, stomachic, and tonic.

You use it to cure or preserve the respiratory and digestive tract, so it is useful against bronchitis, coughs that are persistent, digests laborious.

The fitoterapisti the also prescribe for its stimulant action on the nervous system; but not lacking in other virtues: you can heal quickly, a stiff neck by applying on the part a bearing of its flowering tops, freshly picked and heated for a very short time in the pan.

It ultimately adds to the food to obtain a good secretion of gastric juices and a better functioning of the liver.

Symbols and beliefs.
For these features, the oregano has been a symbol of Comfort.

He also made one of the Medicine in the patch where the stork holding in the beak a sprig, because a legend spread since the middle Ages was said that this bird, when he was suffering from the stomach to have eaten some of the food harmful, it is cured with oregano.

Such as marjoram, its delicate appearance and sweet has closely linked to the female world, so it is true that once women were cultivated not only for use in the kitchen but is also considered to be a talisman is a relief from the moral.

You looked at the girls who had suffered a serious disappointment in love, because love is resumed; but he was also advised to men depressed or afflicted by some sorrow.

And if a plant of oregano grown on a window sill or a balcony, unfortunately, dried up, difficulties, or sorrows of love were lying in wait. As apotropaic, stands still in the bags that are worn on the body or are kept in the rooms.


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