Bridal bouquet

It is the jewel of the magical day.

The only real gem.

Nothing else is more important.

Must be absolutely personal.

Must reflect THE GIFT of the Bridegroom to the Bride.

The wedding bouquet is the symbol of their union, their love.




When a bouquet of flowers constructed with the stalks to view, means that the stems of the flowers, below the ligature they are visible completely or only partially (if covered or wrapped in some leaves, or by a ligation very large).

A bouquet of flowers with the gambia to view, if it is used as for wedding bouquet, it can be hand-held by the bride for a limited period of time. This is because the heat of the hand, may lead to the withering of the flowers, especially in the case of delicate flowers.


This is the mode used for the construction of a bridal bouquet in one of the following cases:

-the deck should be held in the hand for a long period of time

-very hot temperatures

-the floral elements are many and would lead to a bunch with a stem very large, while in this way the diameter of the bouquet remains, however, pleasant to hold in hand.

Each flower, having been cut short, put a small wad of cotton soaked in water.

Is applied a thin iron wire to lengthen the stem of the flower.

Iron wire and cotton are masked with a paper tape and guttaperga (it is a kind of rubber that seals the tape).

In turn, all the threads are masked with a soft tape.

Bridal bouquet

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