• For all seasons

    When we create a bouquet of flowers (bouquet) we ask these questions.

    What emotions inspire: joy, amazement, exaltation, desire, remembrance, curiosity..?

    That feeling represent: affection, sympathy, gratitude, passion, love..?

    What to express: novelty or tradition?



    The deck is a set of elements that are cut and tied, and all the "heads" of the flowers are pointing in the same direction.

    In the "bundle of sticks" instead of the "heads" are facing in opposite directions.

  • Vegetables and Fruit

    The fruit is the natural evolution of the flower, and its fulfilment.

    Not all the flowers to complete this cycle.

    The flower for excellence from this point of view is the rose.

    In vegetables, the symbolism turns on the capacity of Nature, the Great Mother to give us the food we need.

  • Centerpieces

    Decorate the table with flowers has very distant roots in time.

    Their meanings are symbolic/ritual or decorative.

    We love to mention that the meanings that are not only images but that they also incorporate in themselves the reality symbolized.

    The flowers are then chosen depending on the time of event they accompany.

    The centerpiece as we know it today, it states in the 1600's.

    In the paintings found in various types and sizes, very often majestic.

    In the 1700 comes into vogue the use of "sourtout" (vases, backsplashes, statuettes).

    We speak of a "triumph", which often refers to the architecture of the gardens.

  • Compositions medium sized

    The term composition refers to the flowers or green contained in a case.

    They have the following characteristics:

    -they are bigger than a normal bowl;

    -are suitable for the decoration of an environment of medium-sized, a living room, a lounge, a lounge.

    The compositions have the characteristic of having an own water reservoir, and no need to search for a vase.

    After a couple of days will be rabboccate of water.



    These floral arrangements have a container STATEMENT that is completely covered by the flowers and from the green.



    These floral compositions, however, have a nice container such as a basket, a ceramic, a metal vessel, which

    is not covered by the flowers and from the green.

    The two elements, the flowers and the container, you can enhance each other: the flower highlights the container, or

    the container shows the flower.

  • Marriage

    Always the rite of marriage is accompanied by the flowers.

    What do you want to express your flowers?

    What color would you like the decorations?

    That is only a small bridal bouquet of pink tulips, or 1000 rose Avalanche white, let us help you!

  • Decorating Large Spaces

    It can be a concert, an inauguration, a theatre, an exhibition hall, a warehouse, a corporate event.

    When the environment, to vivify, to decorate, to embellish, exceed the usual dimensions, also the compositions

    become unusual.

    We get to talk about more than that decoration is also set.

    The object is to be studied in the dimensions, positions, flows, and movements of the people.

  • Small Gardens


    Enjoy the nature in the home..

    Decorate with potted plants..

    The office and Work next to the green..


    We move well in the small.

    Terraces, Balconies, green Corners, small courtyards and forgotten, the flower Beds small.

    We are required to make them come alive.

    So they become real and its gardens.



    Design and Quote free of charge.


    Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

    Pruning: parts, parts, not aesthetic, to give shape, to disease prevention.

    Pesticide treatments (chemical and traditional, organic or biodynamic if required and feasible).

    Disposal and elimination of waste.

  • Green Plants

    All plants purify the air.

    The first list of plants that purify the air' was compiled by NASA as part of the NASA Clean Air Study" in 1984.

  • Choose by color

    The instinct that leads us to associate the colors to the ideas and feelings.

    The Color has always been the meaning and the symbol.

    Also the Flower has always been the meaning and the symbol.

    Then came the Bauhause to understand a little bit rationally.

    Choose the color before you choose the flower can be a practice.

    Get the most from your flowers, using the colors that represent your idea.

    Some of the associations common in western culture, are described in the individual pages.

  • Florigraphy - Meaning...

    The Language of Flowers, or Florigraphy, or Hanakotoba, and returned to be used above all for merit of a recent successful novel.

    But this is not just a fashion, it was a necessity.

    The vegetable element is the MIRROR of something else.

    That was the dominant Thought, a Philosophy or a Religion, always the flower has retained the feeling of the people, an identity that has not been scratched nemmemo with the rationalism of the more pure.

    An example of a meaning never to be forgotten .... The red rose is the red rose, the passion inside the subject.

  • Teddy bear Vases Wine

    Each other is often accompanied in the gift shop: Flowers and Trinkets, Flowers and Sweets, Flowers and Wine....

    Each one of these symbolizes something, but at the same time, it is the reality of the symbol.

    The Flower brings Vitality and Color.

    The Wine brings Warmth and a touch of Madness.

    The Murderball is the luxury of more given to us.