BUCOLICO from €40
  • BUCOLICO from €40

BUCOLICO from €40

50.00 €

Suadent bouquet of flowers of campy, disorderly and disgraced flowers.

Bouquet from the natural and spontaneous flavour.

Color: colored
Price: € 50

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Deliverable within
The same day
Delivery areas
Deliverable on Vicenza and its sorroundings municipalities
Sample photo; items not available will be replaced with other similar ones in colors.
Size cm.
In the photo diametro cm. 40 (€50)
Antirrhinum majus, Campanula medium, Capsella bursa pastoris, Dianthus barbatus carnation of poet, Dactylis glomerata, Liriope Miscathus, Margherita, Tanacetum parthenium camilla, Ulivo
Season of Availability
From April to October