FRUIT AND CANDLES-centerpieces-€ 19 to 34
  • FRUIT AND CANDLES-centerpieces-€ 19 to 34
  • FRUIT AND CANDLES-centerpieces-€ 19 to 34


26.00 €

This is a bowl / sushi for those who do not want flowers.

Shades of orange and reddish hues characterize it.

If you use it a day not to turn on the candles, but in the evening it is forbidden to forget them.

The melette mountain (malus) and placed you are provided together to the centerpiece, and sprinkle to your liking all the way around, to give a flavour of a déjà-vu raffaelliano.

Size cm.: 20x20

Data sheet

Deliverable within
1 day from the order
Delivery areas
Deliverable on Vicenza and its sorroundings municipalities
Sample photo; items not available will be replaced with other similar ones in colors.
Size cm.
In the picture 30x30
Apples, Pears, melette mountain malus evereste, moss, Cetraria islandica, Candle, Aspidistra elatior, Lanyard golden.
No. candles depending on the size: 20x20 1 candle / 25x25 2 spark plug / 30x30 3 candles