DENDROBIUM NOBILE - plant generic
  • DENDROBIUM NOBILE - plant generic
  • DENDROBIUM NOBILE - plant generic
  • DENDROBIUM NOBILE - plant generic


Able to withstand low temperatures.

This type of orchid has stems very erect, from white to dark pink and all shades in between.

This plant can reach a height of seventy centimeters.

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After the period of growth of the old stem will not bring more flowers, but maintains a reserve function of energy, up to, and passed the cold period, the plant finds the strength to bloom with new buds at the foot of the plant.

The best water to water this plant would be rain water because it does not contain mineral salts.

The tap water contains both mineral salts and limestone in the soil can damage the roots.

The beginning of the season of rest is marked by the yellowing of the leaves.

After the flowering period, place it in a place a bit cooler.

Needs a winter rest with reduced inaffiature and no fertilizing.

Then instead resume instead, during the vegetative period.

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(taken from the book of Alfredo Cattabiani "Florario. Myths, legends, and symbols of flowers and plants", Editions of Oscar Mondadori. A book to read and consult ! )

In ancient China, orchids were associated with festivals of spring and were used to ward off evil influences, and in particular the sterility.

The physician Dioscorides recommended to eat the tubers of orchids as a remedy against sterility.

In the middle Ages were attributed to the species of Italian orchids the same properties fecondatrici of which spoke the Ancient, so much so that the roots were used to create the filters and the elixir of love.

The Greeks called the orchid also kosmosandalon, sandal in the world, to the lip swelling that is found in many species spontaneous in the mediterranean area and resembles the tip of a shoe.

But the beauty of the flower of the orchid has also evoked the symbol of Harmony, and even the emblem of spiritual Perfection, because beauty is carnal and earthly, as taught by Plato, is nothing but a materialization of the invisible to our eyes of mortals.

Data sheet

A lot of light. No direct sun.
Recommended temperature
Greater than 15 °C
Wait until the earth is dry. To check, scratch and feel with your fingers well below the surface of the soil. Immerse the plant pot in a container with water, for 1/5 of its height for 3 minutes.
Season of Availability on the market - in Bloom with forced cultivation
Throughout the year
Southeast asia
It grows at altitudes between 200 and 2000 metres in the plain, in the woods, in the mountain forests, mossy rocks.