JOYOUS RED from € 26
  • JOYOUS RED from € 26

JOYOUS RED from € 26

31.00 €

The deck with the colors of red.

Bouquet of only gerberas that bring excitement to at first glance.

Their character round the sun it is enriched with swirls of grass, but if you prefer we can change them with the soft raffia natural.

Price: € 31

Data sheet

Deliverable within
1 day from the order
Delivery areas
Deliverable on Vicenza and its sorroundings municipalities
Size cm.
In the picture diameter 25-30 (€31)
Gerbera, Beargrass.
As with all cut flowers, place the can in a pot with water up to the point of ligation - The complete instructions are at the bottom of the page at the link: Maintenance and zen flowers.
Because of the variety of gerbera that are available change often if you don't have the same type of unit shown in photo will be replaced with the most similar.