GIRAFIORI from €29
  • GIRAFIORI from €29

GIRAFIORI from €29

39.00 €

Impossible translate: it's an Italian joke with the words "Girafiori", flowers that turn around :) rather than sun turning around sunflowers".

Play words to indicate a bouquet of mixed flowers of season with herbs collected in the chats!

Choose color!

It will be a "giroso girello" gift :)

Color: colored
Price: € 39

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Delivery areas
Deliverable on Vicenza and its sorroundings municipalities
Sample photo; items not available will be replaced with other similar ones in colors.
Size cm.
In the photo centimeters 40 (€39)
Antirrhinum majus, Avena sativa, Campanula medium, Capsella bursa pastoris, Dactylis glomerata, Dianthus barbatus carnation of the poet, Rosa, Tanacetum parthenium camilla