ROUND RED AND GREEN - composition
  • ROUND RED AND GREEN - composition


That is small, that is huge (the composition in the picture measures cm diameter. 160), the effect of a classic floral composition-brain is always superb.

The flower or floral element that adds a touch of color can be chosen according to the occasion or the season.

In this case, the period is christmas, the time of maximum spledore of the berries of ilex wonderful.

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The trick is then to sistemerla to the right height.

And right means to have in mind the scene, and the choreography of the environment.

Data sheet

Ilex verticillata, Pinus strobus
Size cm.
Diameter from 60 to 200 - Height from 0 to 400 (in the picture) diam. 160 - alt. 240)
Vessels, Structures, Containers, Rods etc
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