ROSE ORANGE L60 - choose the nr.
  • ROSE ORANGE L60 - choose the nr.
  • ROSE ORANGE L60 - choose the nr.


  • The orange rose expresses, as well as the significance of its color, it expresses joy, happiness, creativity, confidence, vitality, optimism, fertility. Remember the warmth of the sun. It expresses a love that is fulfilling and statements.
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  • If you have 12 roses means something that is done as is the Circle drawn in the sky by the 12 constellations during the course of the year.
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  • The varieties of roses that are orange are so many that it is impossible to have them all: will be given one of those that you can see in the photos.
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1 day
Shank length cm.
Come per tutti i fiori recisi, inserire il prima possibile in un vaso con acqua fino al punto di legatura - Le istruzioni complete le trovi in fondo alla pagina al link: MANUTENZIONE e zen dei fiori.