AGLAONEMA PATTAYA - plant generic
  • AGLAONEMA PATTAYA - plant generic



This is perhaps the houseplant more resistant.

He lives in the undergrowth of the tropical forest, where she manages to capture the little light that filters in.

If you will put in the most dark of your house probably will be able to survive, but if you want to see lush avvicinatela to a light source.

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Lives in the rain forest, and then she is used to, the humidity is very high.

So try to spray it often.

The Aglaonema is one of the plants included in the list of NASA with a function that is beneficial to the air.

It filters out the harmful substances, clean the air and release oxygen.

In the special ranking dedicated to these plants is very high, very close to the Spathiphyllum.

Data sheet

Possibly a lot of light, but also withstands low light. No direct sun.
Recommended temperature
Greater than 15 °C
Wait until the earth is dry. To check, scratch and feel with your fingers well below the surface of the soil. Immerse the plant pot in a container with water, for 1/5 of its height for 3 minutes.
Spray with water, possibly rainwater or a little of the limestone, even on a daily basis, to create a habitat more similar to that of the origin of the plant.
From the Greek agláos "the shining" and néma "filament"
South-east Asia, China, Indochina.
The undergrowth and the swamps of the tropical forest.