AECHMEA FASCIATA - plant generic
  • AECHMEA FASCIATA - plant generic
  • AECHMEA FASCIATA - plant generic
  • AECHMEA FASCIATA - plant generic
  • AECHMEA FASCIATA - plant generic


The spirit of the amazon forest enters in your homes provendendo from the Brazilian rainforest!

The Aechmea brings a beautiful atmosphere, giving elegance and warmth to any interior.

There are many varieties and colors, ranging from white to red to purple.

Some varieties of Aechmea, you will see their fruits: berries that, with time, change color.

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It is preferable to use rain water for watering.

Give a little water into the central rosette of the plant as the temperature in our homes is not as high as in the natural environment, and the evaporation is low.

Change the water inside the washer every 20 days to remove any salts, plant debris, or anything that could damage the plant.


First-flowering form of the new plants to the side that if put individually to form new plants.

After flowering the mother plant dies.

Data sheet

A lot of light. No direct sun.
Recommended temperature
Greater than 15 °C
See the notes below in detail.
Season of Availability on the market - in Bloom with forced cultivation
March April May June July August September October
From the Greek akmé which means "tip" as the "cup" is equipped to leaves with rigid tips.
Central and south America