CROWN ADVENT candle ball
  • CROWN ADVENT candle ball
  • CROWN ADVENT candle ball
  • CROWN ADVENT candle ball
  • CROWN ADVENT candle ball

CROWN ADVENT candle ball


Advent wreath is simple but effective in expressing the expectation of Christmas.

The elements used allow it to last up to christmas day.

The diameter of the candles is in proportion to the diameter of the crown.

If you want you can also purchase one or all of the spark plugs replacement, already prepared for the mounting.

Replacement candles

The Sundays of Advent are the 4 Sundays that precede Christmas day.

The candles of the crown of advent to be lit for the Tradition in the following way.

-1st Sunday (or 1st week) = turns on only 1 candle;

-2nd Sunday (or 2nd week) = light only the candle already lit + 1 new spark plug;

-3rd Sunday (or 3rd week) = light only 2 candles previously lit + 1 new spark plug;

-4th Sunday (or 4th week) = you light up all 4 candles.

In this way the candles will have different heights due to their different time of consumption, creating a beautiful effect of movement.

If you purchased the candles to spare, to preserve the effect of movement you replace the first candle that is consumed with a new one, and so on.

Data sheet

Deliverable within
1 day
Season of Availability
From 22 November to 31 December
Sample photo; items not available will be replaced with other similar ones in colors.
Pine abies procera nobilis (it is a pine tree that loses needles, even when dry), Laurus nobilis bay laurel, Oak, quercus rubra red, Candle, ball, Ribbon, velvet alt. cm. 2