Lightnings by season

Each season brings its flowers, its green, its fruits.

To find the meaning of the season looking at the proposals of the nature.

Marry in the summer, with the light of the sun, cast off the elements of winter with the flowers of winter.

Play looking for matches and the material from which year after year returns.

Lightnings by season


  • Start Spring

    At the beginning of spring the forces of nature begin to push but are not yet so vigorous.

    There are so many colors tenuous but sometimes also strong.

    We find so many bulbous, many small and medium-sized flowers, with still herbaceous texture and will be to be favored.

  • Flashes of Spring

    The flowers of the spring lead the forces still in the seed of nature, linked to the Water element.

    There are so many colors sometimes still soft and not yet saturated.

    Many bulbous plants, many flowers, small and medium size, with a consistency of the small intestine will be our favorite.

    The big flower will arrive later.

  • Late Spring

    The Spring has already accrued and the Summer is still sour.

  • Flashes of Summer

    The summer flowers lead to the highest forces of nature.

    The colors are intense and shining more than Light that does not heat.

    We find that maturity with ears of Wheat, Barley, Oats.

    And the flowers large, majestic, hanging cord and of the umbelliferae, where Light and Air abound.

  • Late In The Summer

    The Summer has already bear its fruit but Autumn has yet to arrive.

  • Flashes of Autumn

    In the Autumn, the Heat enters in the vegetable elements.

    Here you will find the reds, oranges, and intense yellows. The flower goes toward the Fruit.

    The life in the vegetable, before it manifests, now internalizes.

    Imagine the split pomegranate where you can see the coloured seeds.

  • St. Valentine's day,...


    This festival takes its name from San Valentino from Terni, and was established in 496 by pope Gelasius I.

    Probably it is geared on the previous pagan festival of ancient Rome: the "Lupercalia".

    The current way of celebration of the feast, looks back to the high middle ages, when it was focused on the exchange of love messages and gifts between lovers, and may be in particular due to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer (father of English literature).

    The benedictines, and their monasteries, especially in England and France, contributed much to its spread, since they were guardians of the basilica of Saint Valentine in Terni in the second half of the VII century.

  • Women's day 8 march

    The Mimosa = like all acacias, the symbol of Rebirth

    Give the mimosa on 8th march, international women's day, is a creation of the Italian.

    It is a custom born in Rome in 1946.

    Once the war, the 8th of march was celebrated also in Italy and a preparatory meeting was born the idea of

    put the pride a flower that would characterise the day.

    "We wanted a flower to be found in the beginning of march," reports one of the protagonists "because at the time the greenhouses were

    a few, and there were fewer flowers in the air. To us, the young roman were so in mind those trees are covered with flowers

    yellow, when the trees were still bare, that grew lush in the many gardens of Rome and Castelli."

    The proposal was successful: the mimosa fiorita was offered by the children's mothers, boyfriends to girlfriends,

    by husbands to wives, from managers to clerks.

    It is an emblem of Rebirth, of Victory; but, being a plant that is exceptionally vital and robust, despite the

    her fragile appearance, could summon the Energy "hidden" femininity.

    For more information click this link: "MIMOSA-meaning".

  • Easter

    Easter always falls between 22 march and 25 April.

    The rule to calculate the date was established during the Council of Nicea in the year 325: the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.

    This rule applies to orthodox christians and protestants.

  • Mother's day


    In Italy (and other countries in the world, but not all) Mother's day is a moveable feast that always falls on the 2nd Sunday of may.

    As we know it today was born in the United States in 1868, on the initiative of pacifist american Ann Jarvis and her daughter Anna, and Julia Ward Howe, the author of the text of the song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (...Glory, Glory, Hallelujah...)

    Anna Jarvis celebrated the feast in the form of a memorial to his mother the first time in 1908.

    Considering the party proposed by Jarvis spread quickly and was made official in 1914 by president Woodrow Wilson when Congress decided to celebrate it the second Sunday of may, as an expression of gratitude for mothers.

    This date was adopted in many western countries, including Italy, from the Fifties onwards.

  • Halloween 31 October

    Its history dates back to ancient times.

    You may refer to the roman festival dedicated to the goddess of fruits and seeds, Pomona, or the feast of the dead called Parentalia.

    It is more typically linked to the celtic feast of Samhain where, according to the calendar in use 2000 years ago between the peoples of England, Ireland and northern France, the new year began on the 31st of October.

    Certainly Samhain was a time for gatherings and holidays and in the texts of medieval irish and those later folklore, irish, welsh and scottish encounters with the supernatural take place on this day.

    The central association, with the topic of death seems to exist in a subsequent period, and is evident in the most recent evolution of the anglo-saxon of the party with his masks macabre.

  • Christmas

    Advent, Christmas, 12 Nights Holy.

    The internalized values may be shown, such as spruce or pine that sopravvivvivono to the intense cold.

    4 weeks before Christmas with Advent, and the nature and ends of the thermal processes that occur in the seeds.

    The winter solstice brings Christmas and the 12 Nights that follow.

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